You have a choice.

There's a lot of trainers, salesmen, and marketing guru's vying for your attention. But most of them have no idea of the stress, diet, and work load of the average active duty military member, especially when it comes to deployments. And fad diets, workouts, and gimmick supplements don't get the job done.

Our holistic, whole-food approach is scientifically proven to be more effective than exercise alone. Your nutrition, stress, hormones, and sleep (or lack thereof) have the most impact on how you look, feel, and perform.

We are Results Driven.

It doesn't matter how much something works if it doesn't work for you.

Your 3rd shift guard duty billet that affects your sleep, or naval deployment that affects your movement and diet, or deployment schedule that elevates your hormone and stress levels will ALL make more of an impact than what exercise sets you're working on.

Protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, nutrient partitioning, sleep, micronutrients, and hydration are the most important considerations concerning optimal practices. You cannot have sustainable weight loss, beach cuts, muscle gain, or reduced stress without taking these variables into account.

We are Progress Oriented.

Track your progress and see how easy it is to control your life.
Your success won't happen by chance! You have to plan for it and measure it. It's easy! And our mission is to show you this. Utilizing periodization, nutrient-timing, and measuring (food, sleep, hydration, stress), you will not only be able to see your progress, but you'll be able to calculate potential problems and pitfalls during plateaus.
We want you to know the basics of macronutrients, how to accurately track them, optimal practices for estimating, how to cook (when you can), and why these basic skills are so important for your success.
If you're using the mess, chow hall, galley, or barracks, then formulating strategies (like portion control) will assist you when you need it.

We are Military Focused.

The Armed Forces, their families, and veterans are where our focus is. We want to provide programs, workouts, coaching, and courses to help you measure and monitor both subjective and objective metrics in your fitness journey. 
Build a ritual that fits with your lifestyle, schedule, and dietary preference, and let us help you get there. We don't just want you to have one success, but many going forward. That's why we not only give you the tools to help, but continue to add as much content as we can regularly to assist in this.

Glad to have you here!

My name is Beau, the guy behind MacroLab. I'm also active duty and have a passion for those of us in the service trying to get fit, stay fit, and feel better while in the career field that we're in. I was personally training others for many years before I realized that I wanted to expand and help serve our own servicemembers that don't often get the support they need, especially in the realm of nutrition.

Most people just don't get what we go through unless they have also served. The popular fad diets and advice civilian trainers or even military personnel have you do one of the two things - they focus solely on total calories, or they restrict certain foods altogether. It can make you feel miserable and often look just as terrible. Not only that, but sometimes not even those options are sustainable if you are on watch, deployed, or eating military chow.

My goal is to offer as much support as possible for whatever your desired aim is. Do you want a beach body? Do you want more muscle? Do you want to make the bi-annual weigh-ins? Do you just want to feel better, less tired, and less stressed? That's easy to do, as long as you know how. I want you to find the answers you're looking for here.

I'll be adding content regularly on our site, so please check back often. Join our mailing list to get updates, rewards, coupons, and any other offers we have. And if you have any questions or have suggestions to make this place better, by all means reach out to me!

Beau Morrow
Owner & Head Coach

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